BAFTSS - Horror Studies Special Interest Group

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Welcome to the website for the BAFTSS Horror SIG! 

BAFTSS Horror Studies Special Interest Group - Connecting horror scholars in film, television and screen. 

Since the pioneering historical research of scholars such as Peter Hutchings and Mark Jancovich in the 1990s, horror film, television and screen studies in the UK and Ireland has grown and developed rapidly. British and Irish scholars have explored both horror’s history and its contemporary development across a range of old and new media, and are increasingly employing a wide array of theoretical and methodological approaches in order to analyse and research this most enduring and culturally resonant of genres, from gender studies, transnational studies, film and television historiography, video game studies and film philosophy, to audience research, industry studies and practice-based research. The BAFTSS Horror Studies SIG aims to bring together UK and Irish researchers studying horror across this wide range of disciplines and approaches – from established scholars to the increasing number of early career researchers and doctoral students in the field – to exchange diverse ideas, to facilitate collaboration and to form a supportive and creative network.